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Are You Threatened By A Bank Levy Or Wage Garnishment?
There’s Hope If You Know What To Do.

Imagine trying to stay above water and get back on your feet financially. You're holding down a job and paying your bills as agreed.

Then out of the blue you learn that one of your creditors, the government, or your ex-spouse attacks your paycheck and bank accounts!

It happens all the time.

And it's underhanded and sneaky.

They don't give you the option to plead your case and protect the good, hard work you're putting in to turn things around.

They just use brute force to reach their grubby hands into your pocket and yank out a chunk of your paycheck and another chunk from your bank accounts.

What's worse, they'll even try to attack your spouse's paycheck and bank accounts, if you let them.

And this may all be legal.

But the law isn't supposed to be used against you like this, right?

It's supposed to be fair and protect you and give you a chance to clear your debts... and give you some breathing room to get back on your feet.

But that's almost impossible with a big cut in your paycheck every week or with your bank accounts drained.

It's not fair.

And there's nothing you can do about it, unless you get some legal muscle behind you.

Your creditors, ex-spouse, or the government do not respect or fear you. That's why they levy your bank accounts and garnish your wages.

They thought they could just walk all over you.

You can, and should, fight back to protect your rights, protect your livelihood, and protect your family.

But you should not fight this on your own because you’re not alone, even if it feels like it.

You need experienced back-up to fight for you.

At Benari & Nguyen LLP we fight on your side and win for you. Call us at (866) 651-6118 now.

We use our legal muscle and experience to stop these bullies from hurting to you, and we may even be able to get the money they took back to you, if you qualify and act fast!

Don't stand for this any longer! If you're going through a bank levy or wage garnishment now, or fear it may happen soon, call my office for a complimentary consultation - there’s no cost and no obligation.

The sooner we speak the easier it is to get your money back, if you qualify. And the easier it is to stop this mess before it even has a chance to start.

Call - (866) 651-6118 and schedule your free and confidential consult.

Chris T. Nguyen, Esq.