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Best Employment & Labor Law Lawyer in San Diego

Competent and impressive are the terms that come to mind when referring to attorney Omni Ben-Ari. He is a professional who loves his work and strives for his clients to the best of his capacity.  


What Does Omri Ben-Ari Do?

He leverages his extensive legal knowledge and skills in offering his services to people who end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to employment issues and labor law.


Mr. Ben-Ari offers legal consultation services to guide his clients in everything from advocating for aggrieved employees, defending employee rights, against corporations big and small.

Mr. Ben-Ari is a litigator. His experience and expertise in labor and employment law, allow him to provide the utmost commitment to his clients. He strives to provide progressive and personalized legal services for each and every client who passes through his door.

It is his experience that appeals to clients for his personal ability to encompass complex interdisciplinary legal issues and come out of it all with the results his clients expect.

Mr. Ben-Ari is more than just a legal advisor; he is more than your average attorney. He is all of these things rolled into one person. He is an attorney who is passionate, committed, and voracious in getting his clients the financial benefits they deserve.

If you believe you may have a potential labor or employment legal issue do not hesitate to contact Omni Ben-Ari.

What Type of Case Does He Handle?

His practice involves representing individuals who are faced with the following situations:

·        Discrimination in the workplace. These are actions that deal with race, color, harassment, discrimination against national origin, religion, age or disability.

·        Harassment – such as sexual, or any situation that creates a hostile work environment.

·        Unfair Labor Practices in the workplace – such as denial of wages, of overtime, worked, or of equal pay.

·        Defamation of character

·        Denial of leave – for family medical leave, uniformed services employment or reemployment rights.

Omri Ben-Ari pursues hundreds of labor issues every year. He is extremely proud of his successful track record and in his ability to successfully represent victims of labor claims. 

Omri is experienced in representing people against corporations but also before administrative agencies such as the Department of Labor, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

If you have been mistreated by an employer or another employee, do not hesitate to contact Omri Ben-Ari today. Learn about your legal rights and about the options you have. Call today and get the legal help you need.