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Top Three Things to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney

After struggling for so long, and careful consideration, you've decided you’ve had enough: you are filing for bankruptcy. You've seen advertisements on TV, radio, billboards, and bus stops, but how do you know which one is right for you? In a time of free information, it can be confusing to decide how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer. With the added pressure of being hounded by creditors, many people may be at a loss

If you are considering bankruptcy, and don't know where to start, consider looking into hiring an experienced Orange County bankruptcy attorney. Here are the top three things to look for in a bankruptcy attorney:

Bankruptcy cases are specialized and complex; there are no two alike. Attorneys who are not regularly practicing bankruptcy law may fall short when predicting potential pitfalls surrounding your case. You want to make sure to find an Orange County bankruptcy attorney that spends a significant portion of their practice to bankruptcy. The inexperience of an attorney that does not regularly practice bankruptcy may be your cost. This can result in many negative and time consuming ventures, as your case being dismissed, having to attend more mandatory hearings, and even loss of your properties and assets.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney should be able to handle your case efficiently. An Orange County bankruptcy lawyer that does not take the time to listen to your case and understand your bankruptcy case needs may not come up with effective solutions that will help you. While one case may be as simple to pay your bills, there may be other cases that require a lot more from you. For example, a Chapter 7 bankrupcty for an unemployed debtor with no assets is more simple than a Chapter 13 bankrupcty involving a self-employed debtor.

Choosing any attorney that to take your Orange Country bankruptcy can either make or break your case. An inexperienced attorney will make you regret your decision in filing for bankruptcy.

2. Up To Date on Code Changes.

A large amount of advertisements for bankruptcy attorneys are national adverts. What does this mean for you? In an emotionally confusing and troubling time like this, you deserve a bankruptcy attorney that can simplify this process for you. Finding a local Orange County bankruptcy attorney is very important for your case.

Every district court stacks its own set of local rules and regulations regarding bankruptcy on top of federal bankruptcy laws. In addition to those rules and regulations, each individual bankruptcy trustee in your district may have more requirements or procedures to follow. Choosing a local bankruptcy attorney that is familiar with these rules and regulations can greatly reduce your stress.

3. Get what you pay for.

The unfortunate truth about looking for a bankruptcy attorney is that there is many misleading information when it comes to narrowing down which attorney is right for you. A bankruptcy attorney that charges a high fee does not mean they provide quality service. You are looking for someone who communicates in a timely manner and charges reasonable fees.

Filing for bankruptcy is time consuming. It requires a lot of paperwork that may be time sensitive. An attorney who does not return your phone calls or emails in a timely manner does not respect your time. If you cannot get in touch with a bankruptcy attorney in the consultation stages, it can be a strong indicator that your questions and concerns may go unanswered during the case. The bankruptcy trustee may ask for additional docments or information or your creditors may contact your attorney if they have issues for the case. Your bankruptcy attorney should be able to keep you informed about new developments in your case.

A key factor when it comes to hiring a bankruptcy attorney is the fee. When it comes to legal fees, people considering bankruptcy do not have a lot of leeway to spend a lot on legal fees. Bankruptcy attorney fees usually depend on the individual case and if you are filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is very important that you are getting exactly what you need. There are differing costs for hiring a bankruptcy lawyer depending on where you are located. A flat fee may not likely cover all of the services incurred while working on your bankruptcy case.

A flat fee may include:

  • analysis of the financial situation;
  • preparation of the bankruptcy petition;
  • review the petition with the client;
  • attendance of meeting with creditors;
  • follow-ups with creditors.

It is essential that you make sure these services are clearly spelled out in your representation agreement with your bankruptcy attorney. There may be some circumstances in which your bankruptcy lawyer will have to represent you in an adversarial proceeeding, which refers to when a creditor challenges the bankruptcy filing. It is important to ask your attorney what other costs you may incur for any possible litigation that may arise from the bankruptcy filing.

Choosing bankruptcy lawyers solely based on price is not a good idea, as courts often cap how much an attorney can make on a given case. Those who systematically handle such cases tend to charge fees that are in the same general area. Charging a high fee for handling your bankruptcy case is not relative to providing high quality service. You want to work with an Orange Country bankruptcy attorney that will provide expert bankruptcy consultation for a reasonable fee.

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We at Ben Ari & Nyugen Attorneys and Counselors believe that you should not have to choose between paying your bills and supporting your family. By representing both individuals and business, we are your premier Orange County bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys dedicated in helping you free yourself from debt. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys are dedicated in helping you find the right debt relief solution. With us, you won't face debt settlement alone. Connect with Ben Ari & Nyugen Attorneys and Counselors with a free consultation to discuss your bankruptcy concerns today.

Top Three Things to Look for in a Bankruptcy Attorney