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Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

For businesses & individuals

Our debt relief practice is here to help you get free from debts. Don't choose between paying your bills and feeding your family. At BENARI & NGUYEN LLP, we don’t think you should have to make that choice. 

Debts from credit cards, medical bills, mortgages and other loans are a major cause of stress for American families. If you are one of the many people suffering from overwhelming stress caused by debt, contact us for a free consultation. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping you find the right solution.

There are many myths and misunderstandings about Bankruptcy that deter people from seriously considering the many benefits of Bankruptcy. 

* You Can Keep Your Property

* You Can Discharge IRS and State Taxes

* Prevent Foreclosure and Save Your Home

* Stop Wage Garnishment

* Restructure Debt or Business

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